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Aims & Objectives

  1. To build / Create and Provide better resources for Indian Industries which in-tern improves the Employability in the country.
  2. To establish Entrepreneur Incubation Centers through out the country.
  3. To impart High Quality and low cost real time R & D exposure to the budding engineers.
  4. To promote taste in fine arts, Science and Technology among the younger generation.
  5. To upskill the technological talent of the rural and semi-urban youth at affordable costs.
  6. To provide electronics / computer / software skills at affordable rates.
  7. Diffusion of useful Technical knowledge among the members and grow more trees.
  8. To maintain an adequate library for the use of members and also to general public.
  9. To encourage sports and games and to implement community development programmes.
  10. To carry out activities of a charitable nature and of general public utility and to implement "Clean & Green" / "Neeru Meeru" / Gram Swaraj / Enforcement of youth programmes .. etc.
  11. To encourage the economically weaker children for education.
  12. To help eradicate illiteracy and child labour and to achieve the national goal of 100% literacy.
  13. To establish low cost Research & Development facilities with training opportunities.
  14. To enhance the employability of average students with the state of art technology.
  15. To initiate efforts to bring industry and academia together to achieve the above objectives.
  16. To seek help and co-operation with other institutions / industry / voluntary organizations and societies in the country interested in similar objectives.
  17. To accept the grant of money, voluntary donations / securities, property of any kind to undertake and accept funds or donations for the benefit of the society.
  18. To charge the subsidized rates for enhancing the skills in high technology areas.
  19. To promote better technical education, research and training in the areas of Computers / Electrical / Electronics technologies.
  20. To do all other such things as an association may consider necessary incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

    All the above Aims and Objectives are without any profit motive.