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What is this?

Empowerment Society for Skills Enhancement (eSseNce), Conceptually Created in 1985/86, around 29 years back, we have been around in various formats, names and services. Formally existed through activities of Sorokasoft (1998 Established), Acorn Embedded Systems (2004 Established) and many other unnamed initiatives. Registered as a non-profit body in year 2008, to get its current name and a formal existence.

Founded by Prem Chand Gadidesi. Supported by the Whole World

Why us ?

Unique Individual (One-to-One) based approach for Training Methodology. We believe that no two people are the same. So Each individual is Good and has inherent talent, which needs to be brought-out in a suitable environment.

See our Track Record .

What Services Offered?

Learning & Development
Skills Deployment / Placement / Launch-Pad
Entrepreneur Development
Research & Development
Consultancy & Solutions
Industry Academia Links
Mentoring Support