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Empowerment Society for Skills Enhancement, shortly referred to as ESSENCE is a non-profit body. We have our Registered Office in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. We have a network of ESSENCE Chapters in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.

Who we are… 

Empowerment Society for Skills Enhancement (eSseNce) was conceptually created in 1985/86, around 3 decades ago. We have been around in various formats, names and services. We informally existed through activities of Sorokasoft (Established in 1998), Acorn Embedded Systems (Established in 2004) and many other unnamed initiatives. This platform was registered as a non-profit body in the year 2008, to get its current name and a formal existence.

The platform was conceptualized and founded by Mr. Prem Chand Gadidesi. eSseNce works closely with Educational Institutions, Placement Agencies and Corporates. It imparts the necessary skills to young individuals so that their employable chances are bettered. eSseNce is supported by a number of Volunteers, Members from across the industries, Corporates & Academic Institutes.

What to expect...

  • Vibrant, Dynamic, Agile, Learn & Play Atmosphere, Startup friendly
  • Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Learning-by-Doing, No-Spoon-Feeding
  • Teaching-Hospital-Approach
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Personal Attention
  • Mentors from All over Industry, R&D, Academia, Innovation
  • No-Menu-Selection-of-Student Projects
  • Connect to Country / Society
  • Real & Live Activities connected with Indian Defense, Industry, Academia,Scientific Research, Health Care, Hospitality, Agro/Rural. 

Where we are…

Registered Office at Anantapur.
Chapter at Hyderabad.

How much does it cost?

Being a Non-Profit Organization, the Services Offered would be very cost effective and lowest for the Quality of Services Provided.