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We, at Essence Society, have a self sustainable ecosystem which brings academia and industry onto a single platform. Now-a-days students / jobseekers are unaware about industries related to their field of study, and industries don't know where to find skilled man power. Our job is to bridge the gap between them, and bring them together.

  1. Entrepreneur Development Center (Entrepreneur Development Support Services)
  2. Center for Learning and Development (Technical & Life Skills Training Services)
  3. Skill Deployment Center (Manpower Placement Services)
  4. R & D (Research & Development)
  5. Technical & Managerial Consultancy
  6. Life Skills
  7. Business Communications

Youngsters have many goals and dreams, but in order to achieve them, proper skills are necessary. We help each and every individual, who approaches us, in enhancing his/her skills. We provide theoritical and practical training, in their area of interest, at our Center for Learning and Development (CLD). Once the individual is ready and confident enough, he/she is assigned a live project (depending on the availability) with the help of our industry partners Sorokasoft , Acorn Embedded Systems and many more. By working on live projects from the industry, the individual understands how the industry works and gains practical knowledge and rich industrial exposure. Our CLD is similar to a "Finishing school" and makes individuals industry ready. 

The greatest wastes are unused talents and skills. Youngsters must put their skills into use, for their, as well as the society's benefit. For this, we guide them in landing a job, in their field of interest, at our Skills Deployment Center (SDC). We help individuals in gaining awareness on the opportunities available in their chosen path, and guide them on how to approach and pursue these opportunities. 

For youngsters who believe that they were "created to create", and want to start a new business, we provide guidance through our Entrepreneur Development Center (EDC). 70-80% of the new jobs are being created by small businesses. These small businesses are very important for our country's economy. We provide guidance, mentoring services, office space and many other facilities for individuals who want to become entrepreneurs and create jobs. 

Our CLD is connected to the academia. We conduct Tech Talks, Workshops etc. at academic institutions, and provide projects and internships to students for academic purposes as well. People who are interested in developing and reasearching on new technologies are always welcome in our Research and Development Center (R&D).

This is just a drop of what we do. For more on our CLD, SDC and EDC, click on the respective options below...

Centre for Learning & Development

Skills Deployment Center

Entrepreneur Development Center

MSME Services